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Spread the Light

Live VJ Performances


VJ Ari Dyker | Poland

VJ Electroiman | Brazil

VJ EPS | Russia

VJ Reinish | Ukraine

VJ Te | India

Mishol Korov

For this 11th edition of the festival we proudly present a premiere: Live Video Content created, produced mixed and projected live on the walls of Jerusalem.

Every day 3 VJs from different parts in the world join and create a stunning visual and acoustic experience that merges different styles, colors, sounds and lights into one mesmerizing live show. 


diffusion of light

اRay Dyker (Poland)

Eletroman (Brazil)

IBS (Russia)

Reynich (Ukraine)

Tejaswi Mishram (India)

Kurov Corridor

In this eleventh edition of the festival, we proudly present to you a first-time show: a live video shoot that will be created and produced live on the walls of Jerusalem. Every day you will share 3 audio tracks from different regions of the world and create an amazing visual and audio experience that integrates the different styles, colors, sounds and lights in one magical live and direct show

spread the light


VJ Ari Dekier (Poland),

VJ Alstroyman (Brazil),

VJ EPS (Russia),

VJ Reinish (Ukraine),

VJ Tejavsi Mashram (India)

Meshol Korob

The VJ - Visual Jockey is a scene that takes place regularly in closed clubs, and for the first time this work goes out into the open space of the old city walls and creates a multi-sensory party.

Every evening three VJ  artists from around the world will play on the stage at the Jaffa Gate  and at the same time they will present their graphic works as part of a unique piece for the Jerusalem Light Festival 2019.

The graphic elements are influenced by the audience visiting the festival. The unique piece expresses the  the deep connection between the artist and the audience.

Additional Info

Portfolios of the VJs

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