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Path of Light

AVS | Israel

Tzahal Square

Fifteen archaic and cinematic light columns create one big screen that appears to be separated into fragments, allowing the visitors to pass in-between and join the stunning animations of light and colors. Whether seen as fragments or as a whole - the installation would never be complete without you!

The Way of Light 
AVS |Israel

Zahel Square

Fifteen photo-effect and cinematic columns create one large screen that appears to be fragmented, allowing the visitor to move between and join the moving images and brilliant colors. Whether viewed as parts or as a whole - this composition would not be complete without you!

light path
AVS | Israel

Square IDF

The path of light - are primordial and cinematic pillars of light that create one large screen that displays a large image from a distance. The work breaks down into a number of parts, which allows visitors to move between the fragments and join the light and color animations.

The performance will not be complete without you!

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