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26.06 - 04.07.2019

From   20:00 - 23:00

Saturday 21:00-00:00
Friday June 28th closed

Free admission


We invite you to walk along the illuminated trails and take part in this very special event that combines the enchanted atmosphere of the Old City with innovative and challenging installations.

פסטיבל‭ ‬האור‭ ‬הבינלאומי‭ ‬בירושלים‭ ‬יציין‭ ‬בשנת‭ ‬2019‭ ‬את‭ ‬שנתו‭ ‬העשירית. במסגרת‭ ‬התוכנית‭ ‬של‭ ‬הפסטיבל‭, ‬אנו‭ ‬יוצאים‭ ‬בקול‭ ‬קורא‭ ‬לאמנים‭ ‬על‭ ‬מנת‭ ‬לקבל‭ ‬הצעות‭ ‬בהתאם‭ ‬למפרט‭ ‬שלהלן‭.‬


הפסטיבל‭ ‬יתקיים‭ ‬באיזור‭ ‬העיר‭ ‬העתיקה‭ ‬בירושלים‭, ‬והמבקרים‭, ‬מעל‭ ‬950,000‭ ‬בשנה‭ ‬שעברה‭, ‬יצפו‭ ‬ביצירות‭ ‬האמנות‭ ‬בפסטיבל‭, ‬בסמטאות‭ ‬ובכיכרות‭ ‬העיר‭ ‬העתיקה‭ ‬ובסביבותיה‭. ‬

תשומת‭ ‬לב‭ ‬מיוחדת‭ ‬מוקדשת‭ ‬לרגישויות‭ ‬הכרוכות‭ ‬בעיר‭ ‬העתיקה‭ ‬כמקום‭ ‬קדוש‭ ‬ליהדות‭, ‬לנצרות‭ ‬ולאסלאם‭. ‬הפסטיבל‭ ‬נמנע‭ ‬מעיסוק‭ ‬בנושאים‭ ‬פוליטיים‭ ‬ומתרכז‭ ‬במופעים‭ ‬אמנותיים‭ ‬בלבד‭.‬

The International Festival of Light in Jerusalem will celebrate in 2019 its 11th edition. For this occasion, we issue this call for artists in order to receive proposals for light art installations and mapping projects accordingly to the following specifications.


The Festival takes place in the Old City of Jerusalem area, and its visitors - over 950,000 in only one week last year - perceive the artworks in the Festival walking through trails in the Old City's alleys, squares and its surrounding.


Special attention has to be put on the sensibilities surrounding the Old City, as a Holy place for Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other religions. It is therefore essential that all projects will be inclusive and not offensive to any belief. We avoid also political issues as the Festival concentrates on artistic presentations alone.

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