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Mad Rhizome  | France

HaTzanchanim Road

This architectural modular construction consists of stunning 450 linear meters of LED Light creating abstract geometrical shapes.


Like paper clips, the carefully choreographed light animations seem to react and expand, flow in all directions, creating or disintegrating the space around.

outside the borders  

Mad resume for production | France

Paratroopers Street

This architectural modular construction consists of an amazing 450 linear meters of LED lighting that are abstract geometric shapes. Like the paper clips, carefully designed light animations that can interact, enlarge and flow in all directions, which leads to the creation of space in the surrounding space.

(outside) the lines

Rhizome meter | France

through the paratroopers

The modular structure consists of 450 meters of LED lights that create abstract geometric shapes.


The light animations created as a result of Or's choreography react and expand, flowing in all directions, creating and breaking down the space around them.

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