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Angus Muir | New Zealand

Maale HaShalom

Squiggle is a surprising and ever-changing twisting mass of 450 meters of digital neon tubing on a custom-built steel framework.


As if lights came alive and found their biological expression, this sea of twists and turns allows visitors to interact with the installation by viewing it from different angles – an abstract reflection of this very multicultural world we live in.

the twist

Angus Moyer | New Zealand

His Highness, Heshalom

The warped block is a twist on the block that appears suddenly and constantly changes, the block is made up of digital neon tubes 450 meters long in a specially designed steel frame.

 The lighting of these lights vividly resembles a sea made up of twists and turns that captivates the visitors and allows them to interact with the integration of the lights by viewing them from different angles - and it reflects the image of our multicultural world in which we live today


Angus Moir | New Zealand

the yoke of peace

A surprising and continuously changing display of digital neon tubes that visitors walk next to.


The changing colors of the sea of pipes allow visitors to experience the performance by examining it from different angles along the route.


The artist seeks to make an abstract reflection of the multicultural and diverse world in which we live.

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