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House of Light

Lichttapete | Austria

Dormition Church

Stone façades are made for eternity, but it doesn't mean that they can change, become colorful and spread the light – For the artist collective from Vienna their name becomes motto and strategy: wallpaper of light, covering the whole façade from bottom to top with colorful light paintings that fuse art, architecture, dreams and imagination.


Seen from far or from close - these projections are truly a must!

House of Light

Lichttelbeit | Austria

Sleeper Alley

The stone facades are made forever, but this does not mean that they can change, become colorful and spread light - for the comprehensive artist from Vienna, his name becomes a slogan and a strategy: a background for light, covering the entire facade from bottom to top with the light colored panels that fuse between art and engineering Architecture, dreams and imagination. Whether we look at it from afar or up close - these expectations are a reality that cannot be ignored

House of Light

Liechtenstein | Austria

Dormition Monastery

The House of Light is a work on the facades of the Dormtzion Monastery. Although the stones remain forever, that does not mean that they cannot change, become colorful and spread new and contemporary light.


The collective of artists from Vienna, whose name Lichtaft means "light wallpaper" in German, covers the facade of the monastery with light paintings that pour art, architecture, dreams and imagination onto the building.

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